Wife and ‘Androgyne’ Husband Show Up at Their Wedding Both Wearing Dresses


That’s not the end of the story. Alina also shared, “When I called her, she threatened me with an administrative punishment, saying something about the insult to the feelings of believers, and so on, although we did not marry in church.”

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The registry office eventually allowed them to go on with the wedding, as there are no rules regarding couples who want to wear the same outfits. Alina also said that there are other registry offices who were ready to welcome them for the publicity, but the two brides preferred to go on with the one they originally registered with.

Still, it hadn’t been easy. Alina noted that they were insulted and lectured on the concepts of family and how he and Alisa had to be treated. But the two brides fought for their right to get married, and eventually, their guests and film crew were let in and the ceremony commenced.


“All the staff of the registry office, the couples waiting to marry, and people on the street gave us amused glances,” Alina shared.

He also believes that their wedding was an important message to people in Russia, where there is widespread and public disapproval of same-sex marriage, even to the point of treating same sex couples with hostility.

“I believe that we have created an important precedent for such a wedding in Russia, for we are not alone in having such problems. I have written to couples who are planning similar marriages and are afraid of failures with registration. Be aware, you can not be refused.”


For her part, Alisa insists that they are completely in love and even want to have at least two children. For people who question why she’s getting married to a man who looks more like a woman, it is her, in fact, who initiated their relationship.

Alisa shared, “I came up to her and said she is very beautiful.”

In explaining their sexual orientation to their future children, she remarked that there is no need to do so. “It’s how it is.”


Alina also explained his situation, “I’m a guy with a normal orientation, and accordingly, I like women’s beauty. And it should be clear, my desire, to some extent, is to conform to my ideal. After all, girls are the fairer sex. They are beautiful. So if a guy looks like a girl, it’s wonderful.

“This means that at least he is a cute guy. My idea is that a man should be just as sweet and beautiful as a woman. After all, it’s terrible when beautiful, slim, gentle girl is with a rough bearded man. I am for the beauty for all of us. Girls nowadays are often more beautiful than men, although initially boys as well as girls have an attractive appearance, but guys do not pay attention to their beauty.

“It’s sad. Girls, for example, learn something from men, develop activities that had previously been a purely male and they are clever. Guys can also learn a few things from girls, such as beauty and grooming, empathy, emotional warmth.”

Alina insists his choice had nothing to do with homosexuality. He adds, “Ideally, the person will be combined with both male and female features. And this is the highest level of personal development.”

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