UFOs in Derbyshire

UFOs in Derbyshire: Proof of Extraterrestrial Life?


Many experts have said that the universe is the final frontier and that could not be any further from the truth. Scientists have yet to explore the entire Milky Way, let alone what lies ahead. It has just led many to believe that us humans are not the only living creatures in this vast universe.

The mystery of life beyond earth is still one of the most vexing mysteries to ever plague mankind. Although officials have yet to confirm the existence of aliens, UFO sightings around the world have done nothing but intensify the already heated debate.

Recent sightings seem to keep happening in this small England county. The UFOs in Derbyshire have puzzled a lot of residents, many wondered if this was merely a work of natural, or was the unsuspecting countryside truly visited by extraterrestrial life.

UFOs in Derbyshire Spark Debate About Extraterrestrial Life

Whether it is the light of day or the dark of night, unidentified flying objects have been ganging up on the skies of Derbyshire over the recent years, but these UFOs in Derbyshire often come with explanations. So is the media downplaying the sightings? Or is something strange truly going on in Derbyshire? You decide.

The bright blue light in Swadlincote

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Unidentified Flying Object

On August 25, 2016, a flashing blue light in the sky caused a number of power outages around Stapenhill and South Derbyshire. Reports immediately came flooding in, ranging from aliens knocking from the heavens to an actual zombie apocalypse.

The mass hysteria was never really put into ease. Officials have said time and time again that it was nothing but a simple bolt of lightning, but witnesses were convinced that this was something else. Photographer Andrew Dickson was able to obtain footage of the blinding blue light on his dashcam.

“I wondered what on earth it was, as it certainly didn’t seem like normal lightning,” he said of the incident. To this day, no one can confirm the true reason behind the light show.

U.F.O Sighted

UFO over the rainbow

Eighty-five-year-old Ernest Redfern was not thinking about aliens when he snapped a photo from the back of his garden. Redfern, who hails from The Green in Allestree, wanted to capture a rainbow lurking on the horizon that afternoon.

He quickly became an overnight celebrity when his photo went viral. The photo in question showed a flying saucer flying over the fields. Though paranormal fans are convinced that the photo is indeed proof of the unknown, Redfern just thinks it is one of those “unexplained things” captured by accident.

Another big flash over Derbyshire Skies 

Unclear Sighted U.F.O

A large orange flash in the sky sent people to a social media frenzy. In April 2015, reports came pouring in about a certain “orange flash” followed by a large bang. But like always, the story was blown out of proportion. A company came forward and stated that the disturbance was due to explosives and pyrotechnics being tested out.

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