These are the Most Unbelievable Mistakes Made by Doctors, You Will be Stunned

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Most medical professionals such as doctors and nurses tell you that your health is in good and trustworthy hands. After all, they have spent years to earn their medical degree, mastering their respective professions. There is no reason to be worried about when it comes to your health.

The truth, however, is that while most of them are trained and experienced experts, they can still screw up. The items on the list are some of the possible things that medical personnel can do by mistake, according to the Department of Health. These events are unlikely but not impossible.


1.  Removing the Wrong Body Parts and Organs

There are instances that a surgeon mistakes a body part or an organ for the exact thing to be severed from a patient’s body. However, oftentimes, after it was already done, doctors and hospitals won’t even report it to get away from what they did and keep their slate clean.


2.  Making a Medical Condition Even Worse

We entrust our lives to doctors for them to resolve our health issues. However, some medical experts are bound to make our case even worse. It is possible for it to happen—and quite often also. The sad thing there is, all you can do is to wait until your condition gets better.

These instances usually happen when multiple professionals work on a single patient, especially if the doctors do not work for the same hospitals. Mostly, they are also caused by miscommunication, which may lead to the death of a patient.


3.  Administering the Wrong Dose of Anesthesia

This is also a rare case as anesthesiologists are trained to administer the accurate dosage of an anesthesia. But when they gave you a wrong dose, you might end up waking in the middle of the surgery. Yes, you will still feel nothing, but you can see what they are doing to you while lying on the operating table.


4.  Unhygienic Surgical Tools

Surgical operations can be terrifying. It is a dangerous process that puts your life in peril if not executed properly. One thing that the surgeons ensure before the surgery commences is that the tools have been disinfected thoroughly and are safe from contamination.

If not done properly, the patient can develop fatal infections and illnesses, which may lead to complications and, in some instances, death. Even worse, hospitals aren’t required to report any incidents with regard to the use of dirty tools. Staying up awake during the entire operation doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?


5.  Leaving Surgical Tools Inside Their Patients

Stories of surgeons accidentally forgetting their surgical tools inside the patient’s body is a common case. As much as we want to believe that it doesn’t happen, it really does.

Many patients have sued their surgeons for their negligence during the surgery. Such action can lead to major physical harm and physiological issues. What makes the matters worse is that some instruments are left undetected for many years, until they become enough threat to cause serious pain and problems. When that time comes, it’s almost impossible to save the patient.



6.  Patient Blood Type Mix-ups

Transfusion of wrong blood type is possible if doctors are careless enough to not notice, although they are more possible due to miscommunication problems between medical personnel and offices.


7.  Giving the Wrong Prescription or Drugs

Around a million of patients experienced complications from incorrect prescriptions and medications in the United States alone.

Inaccurate dosage of a drug could poison a patient and can lead to fatality. We take less notice about this since we often readily believe that doctors are giving us the right treatment, having known that they deal with dangerous drugs all the time.


8.  Performing the Wrong Operation

Surgeons receive information with regard to their patient and their condition so they can perform the correct type of operation. However, some make mistakes. Let’s say that you go for a kidney operation, but to your surprise, after your operation, you find out that you had your liver removed and your kidneys are still intact.

Sure, this does not often happen, but it is worth mentioning, nevertheless. Always make sure that you gather second opinions and extensive testing.


9.  Making the Wrong Diagnosis

Before taking a step to recover from an unknown illness, you have to let a doctor check you up. However, statistics show that around 10 to 20 percent of them make inaccurate diagnosis. As a result, complications can develop for patients, and many have filed complaints against doctors for medical malpractice.


10.  Confusing One Patient for Another

Cases of mixed-up paperworks in hospitals can also cause serious problems. Many instances have been listed where medical staff got confused with the patients’ identities, leading to wrong diagnosis and treatments.

Nurses are often to be blamed by this, and this normally happens in busy hospitals. However, doctors are not exempted from the case as they could also get easily confused with their patients, especially those who have almost similar names.

One way for medical professionals to avoid this from happening is to always triple-check every piece of information that is listed down about the patient.

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