These Unique Wedding Venues are Definitely Extraordinary, You’ll be Stunned


Brides and grooms want to make their wedding as memorable as possible, not only for themselves but also for guests. Couples would always plan a wedding that will reflect their personalities. Considering this, some couples think of a unique wedding that would truly stand out. But how far are you willing to go just to bring out a unique wedding? Will you take a leap of faith by bungee jumping or climbing the highest summit in the world?

Here are some unique and weird yet wonderful settings that can incredibly make anybody’s wedding unforgettable.

1. An Underwater Wedding


Under the sea may be one of the most unusual places on earth to be a wedding venue. For one, it would be hard enough to catch your breath. But if an airless place in the ocean surrounded by fish and the blue sea is what you’re looking for, go all the way! Some resorts in Bali, Australia, Hawaii, the Cayman Islands, Mauritius, and Thailand offer wedding packages that include the ceremony itself performed under the sea for you to choose from.


2. In a Tree House


When you were young, did you use to climb up your tree house and dream about getting married to a handsome prince? Why not make that your inspiration for your wedding day? A couple of unique venues have big, picturesque tree houses for couples to tie the knot in. TreeHouse Point in Washington allows couples to be wed atop the tall tree in the Pacific Northwest. Loch Goil in Scotland, a charming tree house overlooking the Scottish lake, is also a little bit fairy tale–like venue for your wedding.


3. A Bungee Jumping Wedding

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Take a leap of faith into your married life as you bungee jump during your wedding ceremony. In 2008, a couple from Belgium married on a platform lifted high into the sky. Halfway through the ceremony they jumped off the platform in formal wedding dress and tuxedo before kissing upside down at the bottom of the drop, with guests looking up (and taking photos) from the ground below. If you think you are not that kind of daredevil but still want a wedding in the sky, Dinner in the Sky in Belgium allows couples to be married on a platform high above the ground.


4. At the Top of Mount Everest


The first to get married at the top of Mt. Everest was a Nepalese couple. For a span of ten minutes, the couple were able to exchange their vows in a traditional ceremony and take a few photos. The couple, who were 23- and 24-year-olds, were both experienced climbers; but they kept their summit wedding plans to themselves, should they not manage to endure the long and dangerous climb going up. Normally, climbers who reach the summit have to put on their oxygen masks, but the couple took theirs off for just a few minutes during the ceremony.


5. McDonalds


Couples who tie the knot at this McDonalds can certainly say the fast-food chain’s motto, “I’m lovin’ it!” Aside from being a fast and budget-friendly wedding venue, it is also one of the most recognizable restaurant chains in the world. A British couple once held their reception dinner at a local McDonalds because the restaurant has a sentimental value for them, having had many of their dates there. The McDonalds in Hong Kong took it a step further by offering couples wedding packages that include decorations, gifts, and a wedding cake.



6. In Zero Gravity


Getting married may be a heavy weight for any couple. If you’re an anxious bride or groom, imagine having all the weight literally lifted off your shoulders through a “zero-gravity” wedding. Pilots of these special zero-gravity charter flights are modified to perform aerobatic maneuvers in the sky to provide the weightless effect. Passengers will feel totally weightless, like they’re floating in outer space. Some wedding packages of this kind allow couples to get married during the zero-gravity flights. The officiant of the ceremony and guests can hop on board along the unforgettable ride.


7. At a Fan Convention


A wedding at any fan convention may probably be the closest you can ever get to having an outer space wedding. Instead of the formal wedding dress and tux, the couple dress up in their favorite sci-fi costumes while their guests come in costumes from their favorite fandoms, like Star Wars or Star Trek.

8. In Antarctica


Couples who dream of an endless love in their married life might consider sealing the promise of eternity at the end of the world—the literal end. In 2007, a Chilean and a Russian (both researchers) got married in a small Russian church in Antarctica. The church accommodated thirty guests. There are several companies and guides who can help arrange your Antarctican wedding via trips set out from Cape Town, South Africa, or Chile. For better weather conditions, plan your wedding expedition during the Antarctic Summer, which is from November to December.


9. At a Haunted Castle at Midnight


If you want to tie the knot in a very haunted setting at midnight, the Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire, United Kingdom, might be the ideal place for you. The castle is one of the most haunted in the United Kingdom and had welcomed guests such as Henry IV, the Black Prince, and Henry VIII. Mary, Queen of Scots, had also been held a prison in this castle. The “haunted” weddings are held in torchlight, with an optional medieval-style hand-fasting ceremony that can be included in the wedding. Guests or the couple can also enjoy some ghost hunting during the event. Just hope that no uninvited guest would drop in on the ceremony, though.

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