This Couple Has Been Married for 60 Years, and They Have a Very Weird Anniversary Celebration


Tying the knot in any culture comes with a long list of traditions, and rituals like throwing rice and eating cake started a long time ago. When the wedding is over, all the food, including the cake, are expected to be consumed, but not this couple. They kept their cake and made a vow to one another—that they will eat a piece of their cake every time they celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Ann and Ken Fredericks of Satellite Beach have an annual ritual: they celebrate their wedding anniversary by eating a piece of their original wedding cake. They marked their sixtieth wedding anniversary on August 19 and ate the cake that was baked in 1955.

The Fredericks told Florida Today that they keep their wedding cake in a metal coffee tin and wrapped in Saran, and when it’s time to eat it, they just pour a little brandy on the cake to moisten it and fine to eat.

As for their children, “They won’t taste it,” Ken said. “We tell them, it tastes fine,” his wife, Ann, said. “They always say, ‘Oh, there’s not that much. You two keep it for yourself.’ I don’t know, we may have to be buried with it.”

Watch the video of their little celebration below.

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