Wedding Dress from Divorce Papers Made by Schoolgirl



This is the divorce dress. It was designed by a schoolgirl out of annulment papers, which is then ‘set to be copied by major designers’.

As part of her GCSE art exam, Demi Barnes created this stunning dress. She used divorce papers in her creation because she wanted it to be ‘ironic’. When she shared a photo of the dress on Facebook, she was surprised it got 40,000 likes.

Online hit: Demi Barnes's wedding dress made from more than 1,500 divorce papers has gone viral after she posted a picture of it on Facebook

Since then, this ironic wedding dress design created by this lovely schoolgirl has become viral on the Internet. It has even caught the attention of major fashion designers.

The 15-year-old girl said that the reason she posted a photo of the dress on Facebook is that she just wanted to show it to her cousin in Italy. But surprisingly, after a few days, it has become an Internet hit, getting over 40,000 likes. Demi said, “When I put it up on Facebook, it was just to show my cousin in Italy what I’d been up to.”

People were then asking her to design their wedding dresses. In order to create this wedding gown, Demi used more than 1,500 divorce papers.

“Within a week, it had had over 40,000 hits and people were approaching me to design their wedding dresses. Major designers have asked for copies. I’m passionate about fashion and design and am hoping someone will approach me with a work experience placement so I can turn my passion into a career,” she said.

Demi, who is attending Lingfield Notre Dame School in Surrey, designed this dress to “represent the notion that too many people rush into getting married and end up getting divorced”.

Demi, a student at Lingfield Notre Dame School in Surrey, designed the dress to represent the notion that too many people rush into getting married and end up getting divorced



The gown resembles the iconic gown worn by Princess Diana or Thelma Madine’s lush designs as featured on the documentary TV series, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Diana, Princess of Wales following her wedding

Claire Davis, the Head of Art at Lingfield Notre Dame School shared, “Demi became charged, like electricity, when she had the idea for the dress. This was an incredibly ambitious piece and it took courage, patience, and tenacity to see this through from concept to final piece”.

Demi was supposed to make a dress out of old magazines, but she eventually thought of a more interesting concept. She then put together some divorced paper onto a wire bodice mannequin.

Headmaster of the school Richard Bool also revealed that Demi’s design is now the talk of her class. He said, “I’m extremely proud of the work Demi and the entire Art Department have achieved this academic year.”



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