This Couple Had Their Wedding in a Bat-Filled Cave

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As we all know, weddings typically take place in a church or outdoors. The feeling these places give is amazing, but there are some who find it quite boring.

Seeking a new and exciting way to celebrate their wedding, a couple decided to do the ceremony in an underground cavern beneath a slate quarry. And the best thing about it? It’s a cave full of bats.

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This couple is from the Cornwall region of England, and they decided to add different twist to their wedding. They had the memorable occasion held at a cave. Although they were borrowing the place from the inhabitants, mainly bats, they did their best not to disturb them.

Ensuring that the bats aren’t disturbed came as a real challenge to the wedding photographer. He was unable to use a camera flash because he might wake up the sleeping bats. But they were able to find an alternate source of lighting with the use of 500 candles, transforming the cave into a place of beauty and magic.

Being professional, the photographer was able to capture stunning photos even without the use of a flash and no bats were awoken. The groom and bride, along with their 40 guests, were given hard hats because even if the cave looks stupefying, it is still a dangerous place. The bride sported a white hard hat to match her gown.

Although they took quite a risk, especially since bats are rabies carriers, the couple had a great time. And let’s not forget to marvel at their wedding photos that are beyond amazing.

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