Were These ‘Men in Black’ Really Aliens?


The story starts with two UFO sightings reports that were made by two employees at a Niagara Falls hotel. They claim to have seen a large, silent triangle UFO that hovered over the Niagara Falls, and then slowly moved away. The UFO sightings occurred on two occasions, 14 Oct 2008 and the second about two weeks later.

In fact, a UFO report was picked up in the local newspaper,  Niagara This Week, on Nov 07, 2008. The story read:

Witness said it was about 10:30 p.m. on Oct. 14 when he was working at one of the hotels overlooking the falls.

“My security officer came out at some point,” said witness. “He was looking out over the river and said either someone went into the river and they were looking for them or that’s a UFO.

“I’ve never seen a bright light like that,” said witness. “It wasn’t pointing down, it was pointing right at us.”

Witness said just before the object got to the falls area it dimmed out a little, and that if it had continued on the same path it would have gone directly over top of him.



“When it was over the river it seemed closer and lower,” said witness. “It seemed to be 50 to 75 feet over the hotel.”

Witness said as the object approached the hotel it seemed to slow down and it was directly over top of him. He said it was big, black and triangular with a big light on the front and a pulsating red light, akin to a heartbeat, underneath.

Witness said that during that time of night there wasn’t a lot of traffic or street noise and that you could have heard a pin drop. He said the object didn’t make one sound.

A great, detailed UFO report. Was it the media report that caught the interest of aliens? Or was the second sighting, a week later, a factor?

In the second sighting, the same witness happened to be outside at 1 am, and saw another triangle UFO. This one was higher and travelled over the Niagara River, west to east, until it was out of sight.

It is possible (but not confirmed) that the media report above is the same sighting that was investigated in detail by the API team – a group that investigates unexplained aerial phenomena.

Men in Black come looking for UFO witness

The API team did an excellent job in detailing the two sightings. They also obtained the original hotel surveillance tape that shows the two men in black later visiting the hotel. Very strangely however, they did not make note of the date of the visit itself.

Hotel staff say that these two very strange looking men in black came looking for the hotel manager and asking about the UFO sightings. We don’t have details on exactly what was asked. However, as it happened the hotel manager was out at the time, so there were two staff members that talked to the men in black.

In asking for the manager, there were several things that disturbed the staff greatly. The hotel manager describes the details in his recollection of the events.



Is this a possible video of the REAL ‘Men In Black’ who visited the hotel in Niagara Falls?



Was this an alien encounter?

The manager reports that two staff members came to him about these strange men in black asking for him.

The bellman described them as:

  • odd looking
  • really, really tall
  • identical height
  • wearing exact same clothes
  • exact same faces, like they were twins
  • wearing same outfit: black suits, black trench coats and old-fashioned fedora hats
  • had extremely pale skin

The next day, the tour guide reported that they:

  • said strange things she didn’t understand
  • talked about government and conspiracies – none of it made any sense
  • were very, very scary, because they
  • seemed to know what she was thinking
  • did not blink, even once
  • eyes were very big, very blue, almost hypnotizing
  • their hair looked like a wig that was attached to the hat
  • had no facial hair – no eyebrows, no eyelashes
  • Although she couldn’t describe how she sensed that they knew what she was thinking, she was frightened enough to feel that she needed to think about something else.

So…What do you think of this strange tale? Could the men in black have been the tall grey aliens that are reported from time to time?



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