What Happens When You Photoshop 2 Celebs Together?

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Taylor Watson. Heath Hardy. Angelina Fox. Recognize any of these celebs? Probably not and probably because they are the weird hybrid of 2 famous people fused together! They are but of the photoshopped celebrities Pedro Berg Johnsen (a/k/a ThatNordicGuy) has created by digitally compiling their photo together. The resulting pics look so accurate, it’s freaky. The resemblance is not so much of what their children would look like, but more of what it would look like if the laws of physics didn’t exist and each pair of celebs were alive at the same time. Nonetheless, the photos are creepy and still wildly attractive!

Taylor Swift/Emma Watson


Emma Watson/Kirsten Stewart


Barbara Palvin / Cara Delevigne


Peter Dinklage / Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


Arnold Schwarzenegger / Colin Farrell




Natalie Dormer / Emma Watson


Natalie Dormer / Elsa Hosk


Megan Fox / Angelina Jolie


Elizabeth Olsen / Scarlett Johansson


Brad Pitt / Ethan Hawke




Chris Pratt / Chris Evans / Chris Hemsworth

Chris Pratt / Harrison Ford

Heath Ledger / Tom Hardy


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