What is the Strange Sight Spotted in the Middle of a Frozen Utah Lake?


There’s a video that’s been going viral like wildfire. It shows a strange-looking circle that has a bunch of hole in it in the middle of a frozen lake. Inside the holes are white substances that seemed to be the cause of the melting of the ice. The strange sight was captured somewhere in Utah.


Numerous theories have sprung up, trying to give logical explanation of how the holes were made. Some speculate that it’s nothing but a marketing campaign, a prank that was made by students, a rare fungus, or it could be fish blood.

But the most probable hypothesis is that it might be caused by an organism’s natural antifreeze protein, which has the ability to disrupt the crystallization of ice, preventing it from solidifying.

However, none of the mentioned theories are proven true, so there is still no clear answer as to what it really is.

Well, actually, also one of the culprits is the takeaway coffee cup that people found around the area.



Watch the video below.



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