Why Breast Milk Is Now a Hit at a Chicago Facial Bar


Mommies have been blogging about it for some time, but it was only recently that the public was made aware of it.

Breast milk can be used as natural skin care alternative.

Newly-opened facial bar in Chicago is planning to include breast milk as an add on to their skin-care products soon. According to Mud Facial Bar creator Shama Patel, she was inspired by moms, so she decided to get a vendor so she could offer the breast milk’s purported benefits to interested clients.

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Patel said that breast milk has been used by moms for more than feeding their babies and that they also apply it on skin.

True enough, one of the results from searching for “breast milk facials” showed a BabyCenter thread in 2011 where few mothers talked about using breast milk to lessen redness and controlling acne.

One of the moms, Mary Haddad said that she applied breast milk “on everything” for her baby from treating diaper rash to eye crust.

However, despite mom’s claims, Patel admitted that the so-called skin benefits of breast milk are more anecdotal than scientific.


Mud Facial treatments cost $40 dollars. An additional $10 dollars will be added for the breast milk treatment. It will be blended with white clay before it can be applied to the face.


Patel will be getting her supply of breast milk from milk banks in the Chicago area where mom donors are screened first before they are approved. She believes the beauty bar’s newest skin care product will be a big hit this summer since women might seek ways to reduce redness in their faces caused by the extreme heat.

For those squeamish, editor of The Beauty Bean, Alexis Wolfer, suggested using a home remedy like whole milk and honey, as it has the same effect as breast milk’s purported benefits.

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