Widowed Young Woman Is Addicted to Eating Her Late Husband’s Remains


Reality television continues to push itself to the limit. One show in particular has explored the deepest and darkest depths of society by gathering individuals who have equally taboo and downright out of this world addictions. TLC’s My Strange Addiction has brought audiences radical stories such as the man in love with a mannequin to the woman who eats cat hairs to feel closer to her pets. But the producers seem to be gearing everyone up for the series finale, which featured a 26-year-old woman addicted to eating her late husband’s ashes.

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The story of Casie is both tragic and eccentric at the same. She had just lost her husband Shawn from a severe asthma attack. The compulsive habit began one day when she was transferring his ashes from a cardboard box to a memorial urn. Casie got a bit of the ashes on her fingers, and fearing that it would go to waste, she impulsively licked it off.

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It had only been two months since Casie had begun eating Shawn’s ashes before the show contacted her. She takes ashes from the urn constantly and brings it everywhere she goes.


The impulse had seemingly taken over Casie’s life. She brings her husband’s remains to restaurants and even to cinemas just to feel like he’s there with her. Shawn’s death was swift and abrupt, and it broke Casie so much as she felt a part of her was taken away.

“I take my husband everywhere. To the grocery store, out shopping . . . When I go grocery shopping, I buy the things that he likes,” the distraught widow shared.

So what exactly does her husband ashes taste like? Casie describes it as a mix of rotten eggs, sand, and sandpaper.


There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, as Casie seeks professional help by going to her therapist and checking into an inpatient mental health facility to address her suicidal thoughts. While Casie has a long way to go in dealing with her issues, the first thing she wants to clarify is that she isn’t doing this to bring attention to herself.

“Some people laugh, they think I’m playing. But I’m serious – I mean that’s my husband,” she said.

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