Real-Life Doll Aims to Be ‘Brainless Like Barbie’ Through Hypnotherapy


Thirty-eight-year-old Blondie Bennett from California spends her money to enhance her looks. The reason behind her physical transformation and how much she has spent on it is beyond comprehension.

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Blondie is obsessed with becoming like Barbie, and she’s is taking her bizarre obsession to the extremes. On five breast enlargements alone, she already spent a total of $35,198. Now her breast size is 32JJ.

Blondie is unemployed, and she gets cash mainly from online sugar daddies, who support her in exchange for sexy photos of her dressing like Barbie.



Before she pursued her obsession, Blondie was an attractive girl. At 18, she graced the streets on a Corvette with bleached locks and dressed like her favorite plastic doll Barbie.


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