Woman Makes $1,000 a Day Doing Bridesmaid Duties at Strangers’ Weddings


Jen Glantz has already taken the duties of a bridesmaid more than 30 times in 2015 alone. It’s not that she has many friends who are tying the knot. She does it simply because it’s part of her job.

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The woman from New York explains that she works as a professional bridesmaid, and she makes money by helping brides have a memorable day.


Ironically, what drove Jen to start her rather strange job was her desire to hang out with more single ladies. Her friends were all getting married, so she was left looking for someone to go dancing or binge-watching Netflix with while her girl friends were busy with their husbands and kids.


But when Jen started making new, single friends, she was stuck in the same dilemma because soon after she met them, they all got married too.

When Jen found herself going to weddings as a bridesmaid several times, she realized she could use it to her advantage.

She said, “Suddenly, it hit me. If weddings were going to be such a big part of my life, why not get paid for it? Why not become a professional bridesmaid?”


Jen turned to Craigslist to post a listing about her newfound job, offering to be there for strangers when they walk down the aisle. She even made a list of her “bridesmaid skills,” which included,

“Holding up the 18 layers of your dress so that you can pee with ease on your wedding day.

Catching the bouquet and then following that moment up with my best Miss America-like ‘Omg, I can’t believe this’ speech.

Doing the electric and the cha-cha slide.”

Five days since she posted the listing, Jen received a staggering 459 e-mails from people who are interested with her service.


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