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Woman Wants to Pay Someone $2600 to Make Decisions for Her for a Month

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A black cat crossing one’s path is just a coincidence to some, but for the superstitious, it’s bad luck. And while others use magic (e.g., spells, rituals, potions) or turn to religion to reverse it, one English woman is willing to pay someone $2,600 to make decisions for her like a real-life Bandersnatch.

Bristol Woman Wants a Clairvoyant to Make Decisions for Her

A woman from Bristol, United Kingdom, is looking for a clairvoyant, or a psychic, to take control of her life. Her mother thinks it’s a joke, but she’s actually serious about it. In fact, she has reserved a portion of her inheritance money to compensate the successful candidate.

In the ad, the woman shared that her clumsy decisions have made her luckless in the previous year. She had lost her money to a trusted friend, been stranded overseas without a dime, was in a six-month abusive relationship, and was even robbed—all these happened in the past twelve months.

After experiencing a series of misfortunes, she is convinced that only a spiritual guide can point her to the right choices, especially in her love life and finances. Hence, she sought the help of, an online service-sourcing platform in London, to find an on-call clairvoyant to assist her for a month.

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“Basically, I’d like the person to be on-call so they can help me whenever and with whatever I need. I text a lot so they should be available to message me frequently and very quick to respond. I think a month should be long enough to get things back on track for me. But if it works, then maybe I’ll keep on going with it.”

The request seems bizarre, but Kai Feller, joint founder of, understands how the pressures of modern times can drive people to hire experts, who will decide what’s right and best for them.

Feller added, “It’s a bit extreme to hire someone to make those decisions for you, but I guess people hire financial advisers and trust banks to manage their money, so why not hire someone to manage your life?”

At the woman’s request, the company has made sure she remain anonymous to keep the listing unknown to her family.

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