This Woman Enjoyed This Amusement Park Ride So Much, She Decided to Marry It


A woman from Florida fell in love with an amusement park ride that she named Bruce. She loved him so much that last year, she even married the piece of steel.

This is not Linda Ducharme‘s first relationship with an inanimate object, either. She was previously attached to an airplane and a train before she went on to marry Bruce, the Skydiver, a park ride similar to a Ferris wheel.

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Ducharme claimed that her feelings for Bruce were real—her heart was pounding that day she first went onto the platform of the amusement park ride. Although she married Bruce last year, she renewed their vows earlier this year in Florida, a state known for prohibiting same-sex marriage in humans.

A non-denominational preacher went on to marry Linda to the piece of metal, starting the bizarre ceremony with a twist: “I tie you, flesh to steel,” he recited.


“My goal is to spend the rest of my life and grow old with him,” she said about the amusement park ride.

The woman’s attraction and unusual wedding is not as unusual as you might think. In fact, it is seen often enough to earn its own name—a condition called objectum sexuality, and people like her are attracted to objects enough to call them lovers.

Sharing her thoughts about the first time she met the ride in 1982, Ducharme said, “I got this weird feeling I can’t explain. My heart was pounding as we went up the platform and got on the ride. I felt like I was being taken by this ride.”

As for the marriage? She shared, “My goal is to spend the rest of my life and grow old with him.”


Ducharme has long since accepted her attraction to inanimate objects. She previously admitted to falling in love with a plane back from when she was a pilot, and then with a train after. She even became a conductor just to be near the locomotive.

Recalling her experiences on Logo TV’s What?!: Animism show, she shared, “I was seen in a romantic embrace with a train and subsequently, I was fired.”

Her bosses were not the only ones who are uncomfortable with her unusual love for inanimate objects, her family did not take it well either.


In 1982, she met Bruce and fell in love with him, so much so that she ran away and joined the carnival to be close to him. She recalled cuddling with it at night when the midway is deserted. However, in 1986, a storm knocked the ride out of commission, and that devastated her.

“I was completely alone,” she said. “I felt that I was dying from the inside. I was very, very lonely.”


She spiraled into depression, and it wasn’t until 25 years later, when a friend tracked the ride in a scrap yard did she stop being sad. The ride is nothing but a pile of steel, but that did not stop her. Decharme said, “It’s still Bruce.”

“I was carrying pizza to him. Bruce smells pizza and there’s the love of his life returning to him. It felt like I never left him.”


Ducharme then married the ride to prove her devotion. She has had him restored and is hoping to make him operational again. In front of a small group of friends, she celebrated the recent renewal ceremony.

Linda Ducharme plans on making this relationship last a lifetime. She shared, “My goal is to spend the rest of my life and grow old with him. And eventually get a piece of land where we can just be all by ourselves.”

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