Woman Purrs, Meows, and Even Hunts Mice – Says She’s a Cat Trapped in a Human Body


A woman from Oslo, Norway, has opened up about her belief that she was born a cat. She also describes how she has a heightened sense of hearing and sight, which enables her to hunt mice in the dark.

Nano is a twenty-year-old who made the admission on a YouTube channel that has been viewed 122,000 times. Nano claims that she has many feline characteristics including the ability to communicate by meowing and a hatred of water.

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Nano can be seen in the video wearing fake ears and a tail. She begins by giving a series of meows and says she discovered her true identity when she was a teenager. She claims there was a genetic defect in her birth.

As she walks through Oslo’s central station, she claims that she can hear things that a regular person might not, like suitcases rolling on the ground or keys in people’s pockets. During the interview, she suddenly lets out a hiss because she senses a dog nearby. Her instinct is to react to dogs by hissing.

The presenter asks Nano if she was born like this, and Nano answers, “Yes, born in the wrong species.”

In the video, Nano demonstrates her connection to felines by wearing pink cat paws, rubbing her face, and crawling around on her hands and knees. She explains that it is “obvious that I’m a cat when I start purring and meowing. And walking around on four legs and stuff like that.”

Like cats, Nano says that she also likes to sleep on windowsills and sinks. One advantage that she claims to have is a heightened sense of hearing. She claims to have night vision, and the ability to focus on things regular people do not see.

She says that her night vision is better than her ability to see in daylight. She can run after animals in the dark.

Nano has found a best friend in Svien, who was also interviewed, saying that he has multiple personalities and one of them happens to be a cat.

The pair talk to each other in cat language by mewing at each other.

Nano says life as a cat is exhausting, but she has gotten used to living with cat instincts. Her psychologist told her she would outgrow it, but she has her doubts. She believes she will be a cat all her life.

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