Australian Bride Shuns Tradition and Wears a Black Wedding Dress


While it’s every girl’s dream to wed someday, Australian blogger Sophie Cachia has a different dream for her wedding. She didn’t follow the tradition of wearing a white wedding gown; instead, she went for a gorgeous black dress while her husband, Jaryd, chose a maroon dinner jacket and black leather pants.

Why they decided to be nontraditional? Here’s Sophie’s  explanation:

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black-wed upload

White wedding gown represents purity in women. While Cachia already has an 18-month-old son, she said her choice of color has nothing to do with it.

Sophie isn’t like everyone else


She never imagined herself  wearing white dresses


Her wearing of black gown has nothing to do with the tradition of “whites are for virgins”


For her, black is an excellent color, and anyone can wear it and rock it


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