The Woman Who Can’t Reach Orgasm Even After 3 Years of Trying


A student is claiming that after three years of trying every day, she still has not been able to achieve an orgasm. She has tried a range of sex toys to no avail. She’s tried therapy, but it also hasn’t helped solve her problem.

The twenty-year-old suffers from a condition called anorgasmia whose sufferers are unable to climax. It is said that one in five British women have the condition, but most suffer in silence.

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Megan Ward was first diagnosed in late 2014. The college student says she owns different vibrators and sex toys, but she just can’t achieve satisfaction.

Before Megan publicized her problem, she was worried that the public would think she is weird, but she has since received a very positive response.

She received messages from many people. There were even some creepy experiences of people who stalked her on her Facebook page. There were some that thanked her for sharing her story. Although Megan hasn’t been able to escape the jokes, she takes it in stride and it doesn’t bother her.

There were some unfortunate situations where some men tracked her down to proposition her. One man even did it to tell her that she just hadn’t met the right man yet, but since she wasn’t too bad looking, she would be okay.

Megan says of that encounter, “He missed the whole point of the article—as well as insulting my boyfriend and knocking my self-esteem in the process.”

There were some people who thought Megan has written the article to get attention. For Megan, she did it because she feels that it is important for young people to talk about sexual problems openly so that they can help others.

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