Chinese Women Are Grabbing Their Breast from Behind Their Back to Prove They’re Slim


After their grassy fashion trend where people are putting sprout hair clips on their heads because “they make them joyful,” the Chinese once again have introduced a rather bizarre way of catching attention.

While most people rely on the numbers their weighing scale gives them to know if they’re fit, in China, to show that you’re sexy, you need to be able to grab your breast from behind your back.

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The behind-the-back breast grab challenge is so hot in China that thousands of women, along with a couple of men, have attempted it. The hype is the result of the claims that if you can grab your own breast, you are slim; which follows that if you fail, you need to start working out and lose a few pounds.


Photos of different women have been shared on social networking sites. Some succeeded, and some failed.



Ever since it began, the hashtag for the behind-the-back breast grab challenge has amassed 38,000 comments and 50 million views.


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