The Worlds Most Unique Cemeteries …Remembering Those Who Have Gone Before Us


Every person travels for a reason. Whether its to visit family, friends, or to visit the culture of another world… we all love to see what’s on the next horizon.  While cemeteries may seem an unusual destination, it is on this Veterans Day Holiday we remember our fallen.

On this list, we take a look at 20 popular cemeteries that are noted for its historical significance, architectural caliber, and the influential people buried in them.

Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA

In this 624-acre cemetery, a number of prominent Americans are buried here, including Pres. John F. Kennedy, a descendant of Pocahontas, Mary Randolph as well as millions of fallen American Veterans.

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, GA

Known for its Southern Gothic style, Bonaventure Cemetery is a 100-acre land where Georgia’s first governor, Edward Telfair, and Academy Award–winning lyricist Johnny Mercer are buried. It has been featured on the cover of the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt.

The First Cemetery of Athens, Greece

Opened in 1937, this graveyard is the official cemetery of Greece. It is noted for the Hellenistic-style marble sculptures that are put up to mark the graves. There are three churches on the cemetery’s ground, surrounded with pines and cypresses.

The Granary Burying Ground, Boston

The third-oldest cemetery in Boston is The Granary Burying Ground. Founded in 1660, it is built in the heart of downtown. Among the notable figures buried here are Paul Revere and his co-American compatriots, as well as other signers of the Declaration of Independence, like Samuel Adams.

La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Designed by a French architect as a classy display of nineteenth-century funerary architecture in 1822, La Recoleta Cemetery is filled with private family catacombs. Among the most visited graves in the complex belongs to Argentina’s most popular first lady Eva Peron.

Marigot Cemetery, St. Martin Island

The water table in Marigot, the capital of the French side of St. Martin Island, is known to be very high. Because of that, the Marigot Cemetery doesn’t have any in-ground graves. In this graveyard, the mausoleum of François-Auguste Perrinon, a businessman and an activist for the abolition of slavery, can be found.

The Merry Cemetery, between Romania and Ukraine

The Merry Cemetery, located along the border of Romania and Ukraine, is popular for its blue-colored grave markers that depict important events in the life of the deceased. Each marker also shows a narration of the person’s life. According to locals who practice the Dacian culture, “Death is a moment to joyously anticipate a better life beyond.”

Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow

Found in Moscow, Novodevichy Cemetery is filled with statues built in honor of Russian dignitaries. It is gated by a brick wall with badges to commemorate other deceased. Buried here are the well-known Russian figures, such as first president of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin,  and Russian author Anton Chekhov.

Cemetery of Punta Arenas, Chile

Opened on April 1894, the Cemetery of Punta Arenas is located near the southern tip of Chile. Just recently, it became a National Monument of Chile. In this graveyard, two stories of tombs are linked to each other, and European cypress trees are sculpted to form surreal figures.

Waverly Cemetery, Sydney, Australia

The first piece of land for Waverley Cemetery was purchased in 1875. Over time, the graveyard became very popular because of its location, overlooking the peaceful Tasman Sea.

South Park Street Cemetery, Kolkata, India

The South Park Street Cemetery is among the earliest cemeteries on the planet that are not connected to a church. Located in Kolkata, India, this cemetery is built on a former marshland and was opened in 1767 . The cemetery is popular for its Gothic and Indo-Saracenic style tombs, which feature black basalt carvings.

The Passy Cemetery, Paris

Built in 1820 by a Napoleonic order, the Passy Cemetery is located in the western side of downtown Paris. Buried here are some prominent individuals like writers, artists, and actors. Among them is composer Claude Debussy.

Mount Herzl, Israel

Named after the founder of modern political Zionism, Theodor Herzl, Mount Herzl is designed by landscape architect Haim Giladi. The graveyard now serves as the burial ground of Israel’s presidents, prime ministers, and respectable military leaders.

Martyrs’ Lane, Baku, Azerbaijan

Located in Baku, Azerbaijan, Martyr’s Lane is where those who got killed by the Soviet Army during Black January are buried. Based on records, more than 15,000 people are buried in the hillside lane of the cemetery, which offers a stunning view of the Caspian Sea.

Maqbaratoshoara, Northwestern Iran

Maqbaratoshoara is a graveyard for mystics, poets, and other popular scholars in Northwestern Iran. It was built in the mid-1970s, but prior to that, artists have already been buried on the site. It started in 1072 with the demise of writer Asadi Tusi, who was famous for creating a glossary of the Modern Persian language.

Highgate Cemetery, London

Located in the suburbs of London, Highgate Cemetery is full of Gothic statues and tombs. It is even surrounded with shrubs and flowers that are left to grow wild to increase the Gothic feel. This cemetery is popular for its planned paths that are dug through the hillside, which is similar to that of the Circle of Lebanon.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles

Also called a theme park necropolis, the Forest Lawn Memorial Park is the final resting place for the comedian Stan Laurel, the Fast and Furious star Paul Walker, and the musician Władziu Liberace.

Municipal Cemetery of Treviso

In 1968, Italian architect Carlo Scarpa designed a graveyard for the Brions, a prominent family who made lots of fortune after founding an electronics company. It was built in Treviso, in the northern part of Venice, somewhere near an existing municipal cemetery.

Baguio Public Cemetery, Baguio City, Philippines

The largest graveyard in Baguio City, Philippines, Baguio Public Cemetery is known for its untainted white graves that are piled on the mountainside that is located about 16,000 feet above sea level.

Aoyama Cemetery, Tokyo, Japan

Before it became Japan’s first public cemetery, the Aoyama Cemetery originally belonged to the Aoyama family. It has since become famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms that entice visitors from the months of March to May.



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