Useless or Adorable? See the World’s Shortest Escalator Found in Japan

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We all know that escalators are very useful. They help us get to an upper floor with the least amount of effort. However, the line between using tools like the escalator to help us and laziness appears to be growing thinner. Why? Oh, simply because there’s an escalator in Japan that gives a really short ride. Like a very, very short ride.

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To find out more about and experience the shortest escalator ride ever, an enthusiastic YouTuber went all the way to Kawasaki, Japan, to ride the moving staircase. According to the video’s description, the escalator can be found in the basement of More’s department store, situated across the street from the JR Kawasaki train station.

The five-step escalator only measures 33 inches, making it the world’s shortest escalator.


Netizens from around the world have certainly taken an interest in it. A post featuring the clip had around 6,600 upvotes on Reddit, and the footage itself has been viewed more than 439,000 times. Is this escalator simply a silly addition to a Japanese store, or is it a thing of beauty? We leave the decision to you.

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