The World’s Smallest Woman Is Only 23 Inches Tall


Jyoti Amge from India is only 23 inches tall. It’s the average size of a 3-month-old baby. But Amge is not a baby anymore. Four years ago, she was the world’s smallest teenager. Now at 22, she’s the smallest woman in the world according to Guinness World Record.

Even if she avails herself of the most expensive therapy there is, it won’t make her taller because of a dwarfism condition called achondroplasia.

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Amge was featured in a video released by FX wherein she reveals some facts about herself. In the video, Amge also discusses her character Ma Petit as assistant to Elsa, Jessica Lange‘s role in the American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Though Amge is not tall, she has dreams like others. She wants to become an actress, either in Bollywood or in Hollywood.

Amge during her official measuring

Jyoti during high school days

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