Chinese Pair Snatches ‘World’s Tallest Couple’ Title with Combined Height of 13 ft and 10 in


The tallest couple in the world stands a combined height of 13 feet and 10.72 inches or over 4.2 meters.

The couple, Sun Ming and Xu Yan from Beijing, China, have just been awarded by the Guinness World Record as the world’s tallest married couple, beating the previous record by 4.27 centimeters.

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tallest couple tallest couple tallest couple

Sun Ming stands a whopping 7 feet, 8.9 inches tall, while his wife, Xu Yan, stands at 6 feet, 1.7 inches.

Due to their staggering height, there are tasks that can be a bit difficult for them, like traveling by car or plane; however, the couple said that they are used to the struggle.

tallest couple

Sun Ming and Xu Yan, who were both athletes, Sun a basketball player and Xu a handball enthusiast, met at the National Games in China back in 2009. They went on dating and eventually tied the knot together in Beijing in 2013.

tallest couple

While their height earns them a lot of stares from passersby, Sun noted that in China, the country’s culture is a lot different. He shared, “In China, you know, if you’re tall, if you were to marry someone like five feet tall, my mum and my father would say, ‘No, you can not do that. You must find a taller girl who you’ll marry.'”

Xu, on the other hand, wanted to marry someone tall, and said, “I had hoped to marry someone taller than me in the past but never thought I’d marry someone this tall.”

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