World’s Wackiest Show on Wheels

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One of the greatest mysteries in life that never ceases to amaze us lies on the road.

The road may seem like unlikely place for anything mysterious but it is one perfect place to witness some of the most amazing and equally bizarre road shows on the planet. Whether its road rage or a physics defying car crash, nothing can prepare you some of the world’s eye popping shows in the planet.

And no, we are not talking about a colorful parade.

Check out some of the world’s most eye catching and mind blowing antics that these motorcyclists have on the road that will definitely turn the stitches in your stomach.

Isn’t this egg-citing?

Drive through anyone?

A life hack on the road.

He can give Hercules a run for his money.

A life hack on the road, Part 2.



Talk about a “little” exposure.

Here’ s a military inspired creation.

Looks like Sully is running a little late for work?

Hot seat anyone?

Looks like someone needs more space?



Looks a little tire-ing.

Just hitching a ride.

Look closely.

Living a balanced life.



Feeling  a bit high.

Safety first.

Mirror, mirror on the motor. Who’s the fairest of them all?



Check out more crazy road antics from these ingenious motorcyclists.


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