This Dad and His Daughter Have the World’s Widest Tongues


Now here’s something this father and daughter tandem can be proud of—a Guinness World Record for the Widest Tongues.

Byron Schlenker, 57, of Syracuse, New York, was awarded for having the widest tongue, while his teenage daughter Emily, 14, had set the world record for widest tongue in the female category. The pair have seemed to be basking on their newfound fame as their hometown have dubbed them as local celebrities in their own way.

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Byron’s tongue measures a shocking 8.6 cm, which is approximately 2 cm wider than an iPhone 6. Emily isn’t lagging too far behind, with a tongue that measures 7.3 cm. The father of three began interested in showcasing his unlikely feature after discovering a Guinness Book of World Record while accompanying Emily in the library one afternoon.

After finding out that there was a world record for widest tongue, Byron asked his wife, Vicki, to measure his. She declined, so Emily agreed to do it instead. After realizing that he beat the current titleholder, the pair contacted Guinness in London, and ultimately, it went to him.

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