You Won’t Believe These Odd Body Modifications From Around the World


Each country has its own standard of beauty. In some remote areas, long-preserved traditions uphold those standards. While they can be eyebrow raising to those belonging to modern society, they are considered conventional for these ethnic groups around the world.

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Learn about these bizarre standards by browsing through the list below.

Lip Plates of the Mursi Women of Southern Ethiopia


The pastoral society of the Mursi people of Ethiopia marks womanhood through the process of lip stretching. Only the women are obliged to follow the ritual. It is done by inserting a lip plate on a pierce hole on their lower lip. The practice begins once the girl turns 13.


Although it is painful and not to mention may pose several health hazards, the women of Mursi wear these with pride. The process even involves removing the lower teeth for plates more than 20 cm. In what could be called a patriarchal system, some women use these lip plates when serving food to their husbands.

Long-Necked Kayans


Kayan people have opened their cultural heritage to the public. Tourists are often left in awe with how they’ve kept an ancient practice ongoing up to the present. This too is exclusive to women. According to tradition, women with long necks are appealing to men.

The neck ring pushes the collarbone and neck down, creating an illusion of an elongated neck.


Although there is a noticeable decline in the number of Kayans who choose to follow this tradition, there are still some who respect it. The neck rings aren’t removed during sleep, and the gradual application of rings starts at childhood.

Yaping Hullo Nose Plugs for the Indian Tribe Apatani


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