You Won’t Believe These Odd Body Modifications From Around the World


The practice of inserting nose plugs for the Apatani people has been declining over the years, but others still choose to do it as a form of respect for their ancestors. Yaping hullo starts as an ordinary piercing. They use bamboo strips at first, but they are replaced later so the hole can be enlarged.


Once again, this traces to a beauty tradition. But unlike the other items on this list, the Apatani women don’t do this to look pretty, they wear these to look “unattractive” to men from neighboring tribes.

Scarification (Ethiopia’s Karo tribe)


In urban areas, a flawless face is considered beautiful. Going against that idea are the women of the Karo tribe whose facial deformations are considered beautiful. The scars are supposed to show strength and to attract men so they can begin their married life. They are thought to be works of art, so the scars differ from each other. They do not follow a particular pattern, and the scars are made using a knife that can cut dangerously deep into the skin.

Yaeba Teeth (or Double Tooth) for Japanese Women


Sometimes called the snaggletooth, for the Japanese, yaeba teeth symbolize youth, which is enough for men to fulfill their fantasy. Since cuteness is a staple in Japan’s standard of beauty, it is no wonder that this trend just won’t go away. People even go as far as having it surgically enhanced. That’s right, there is a dental procedure to have these fake fangs, which costs about $500.


Expanded Earlobes, Maasai Tribes of Kenya


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