You Won’t Believe These Odd Body Modifications From Around the World


The indigenous people of the Maasai tribe have upheld their tradition despite seeing many modern civilizations rise. This body modification involves elongation of the earlobe. Women have found many ways to decorate their ears, which include hanging multiple ornaments on the lobe and some piercings on the top part of the ear.

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Both men and women actually practice this. The methods of stretching vary. Some use actual tusks to thorns. It also serves as a distinction between the elders. The oldest members of the tribe usually have the largest earlobes.

Lotus Feet in China


Traditional Chinese practices have long been controversial. One of those is the foot binding, also known as “lotus feet”. There are only a few women alive who still practice the tradition, which involves binding the feet with cotton strips from when they turn 5. The wrapping prevents the feet from growing, resulting in a rather irregular shape.


Having lotus feet was supposed to enhance a woman’s beauty. It was first noted that men feel aroused because of the way women with lotus feet walk, often called the lotus gait. A woman is said to be more viable for marriage if she endured such pain, but it seems like it did not sit well with the public as it was banned in 1912.

Maori Face Tattoos


The Maori people are those indigenous to New Zealand. As the country’s longest settlers, they have a traditional face tattooing called ta moko. The women and men have them, and the designs are based on family history or social status.


Ta moko tattoos are unique for each person. For women, they are painted over the lips and eyes to accentuate the sensual parts of the face. It is a sort of traditional fashion statement for the Maori people, except it’s etched on their skin until their death.

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