An Alien-Sighting Channel Claims That This YouTuber Accidentally Took a Footage of an Alien


Could this be compelling evidence that we are not alone?

YouTube user Shreds1620 was able to record this astounding video of a cigar-shaped object staying stationary from where the man had been snowboarding. The video looks unintentional as he continues to be filming himself with a selfie stick and a GoPro.

The video was uploaded way back in 2013 but only came to light recently.

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As the man goes further down the mountain, he stops, and the unknown object comes into full view. Having noticed how odd it was, the YouTuber sent the video to alien sighting channel Secure Team 10.

The team was quickly convinced that this was something more than just ordinary human aviation. “I see no human utility for such an object, airplane banners do not stop and sit in the sky, nor do balloons,” the group commented.

The team added that this was “mind-blowing” footage of life beyond earth.

Since no official statement is made yet as to whether or not there was a government regulated or commercial aircraft flying around the area at that time, we’ll just leave it to you to decide what that object is.

Watch the video below

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