10 Famous Stars Whose Attitude Just Doesn’t Sit Well with the Public


Celebrities are up in a pedestal. They are admired, revered, and of course, idolized for their talent and mere presence onscreen. But when celebrities fall on the wrong side of the spectrum, their whole reputation goes down with them. No matter how talented they are or how much they’ve contributed to the industry, their bad attitude ruined things for them.

Here are the top ten disliked celebrities according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby has been having a rough time thanks to a slew of women coming forward claiming to be sexually assaulted by the once loved television personality. He has become the subject of major criticisms, and even his own friends have shunned him for his actions. So far, a total of thirty women have accused Cosby.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Granda rose to fame because of her powerful vocals, some people even going as far as comparing her to legendary diva Mariah Carey. But even with that immense voice, Grande can’t seem to stay out of controversy. Her infamous “doughnut gate” viral video, where she was caught on cam licking a doughnut on display and openly dissing America, did not really do her any good. Grande’s follow-up apology wasn’t a hit either with people criticizing her for her unapologetic tone.

Mehmet Oz

Dr. Oz was once America’s famous doctor until he got a ton of flack for his “quack treatments.” The doctor fired back by saying this: “I know I’ve irritated some potential allies in our quest to make America healthy. No matter our disagreements, freedom of speech is the most fundamental right we have as Americans. And these 10 doctors are trying to silence that right.”

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke may be the guy behind the immensely popular “Blurred Lines” hit, but that doesn’t mean that he got good press for it. He not only was criticized for plagiarizing the song and promoting sexual violence with it, but he was caught cheating on wife Paula Patton. It didn’t help that Thicke’s apology song panned in the charts.

Adrian Peterson

The running back for the Minnesota Vikings used to have a lot of endorsements with huge sport brands, but his public image was heavily tainted when he faced charges of child abuse. It started when photos of his son’s legs covered in slash like wounds surfaced online, turns out he has been using a tree branch to “discipline” the young boy.

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