15 Celebrities Who Avoided Sex before Marriage


Remaining pure before marriage is a personal choice, and celebrities are no different when it comes to making that rather difficult decision. Scroll down the list below for famous names who remained abstinent until their wedding night.

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Colton Dixon


The American Idol alumni admitted to People magazine that it was not easy to wait until marriage. But he shared that his marriage with wife, Anna, had more meaning since he waited.

Pete Holmes


Apart from being a full-time vegan, the comedian admitted in his podcast that he was virgin until he married his now ex-wife at age 22. Holmes noted that his beliefs were founded from a strict Catholic upbringing.

Kevin Jonas


The Jonas Brothers have famously flaunted their purity rings during their Disney days. But since they’ve hung up their mouse ears, only Kevin remained pure until his marriage to hairdresser Danielle Deleasa, whom he famously married on live television. The happy pair now has a daughter, Alena Rose.

Sarah Drew


Real life reflected Sarah Drew‘s character in Grey’s Anatomy, in which she plays Dr. April Kepner who has famously retained her virginity before losing it to best friend-turned-lover Jackson Avery, played by Jessie Williams. Nowadays, Drew is a happy married woman, living with husband Peter Lanfer. They already have two children together.

Megan Alexander


Inside Edition correspondent Megan Alexander remained a virgin before her marriage to Brian Cournoyer. In an interview with FOX 411 about the subject, she had these words to say: “I wanted people to know, hey there’s another option. This is the option that I chose, and it can work for you too.”

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