17 Photos That Convince There’s More to Michael Cera Than Meets the Eye


You’ve seen him in TV shows and movies. He’s a celebrity that has a lot going on in the entertainment industry. He’s made you laugh so hard you end up with tears in your eyes. Here we take a look at some pictures that tell us what Michael Cera is all about. There’s more to this celebrity than meets the eye.

He is a gentleman.

He has great balance.

He’s a deep thinker.

He’s thoughtful.

He likes to learn about things.



He has great taste.

He’s not scared to experiment.

He’ll even try new fashions.

He’ll catch your attention.

He’s a good person.



He is caring.

He’s gracious.

He’s quite a romantic.

He’s a ladies man.

He’s into exploring.



He wants to learn new cultures.

Of course, he’s full of magic.


Check out his videos below:


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