17 Things You Will Be Surprised to Find Out About ‘Full House’


Full House was one of the most popular family-friendly sitcoms back in the late 1980s to the early 1990s, and for eight seasons, it provided just the right amount of fun and drama from everyone’s favorite family from San Francisco. And just recently, they are back on the small screen with a Netflix spinoff called Fuller House.

Still, despite seeing a lot of the Tanner family, there are still some things today that you’ll be surprised to find out about them.

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Title Change

The hit TV show was originally called House of Comics because both Bob Saget and Dave Coulier worked as stand-up comedians when they’re not in front of the camera. The producers settled on Full House instead, but the comedic footprint is still noticeable in Uncle Joey’s character.

Bob the Doctor

Bob Saget may be a good comedian, but he didn’t initially plan on it. In fact, he wanted to be a doctor. However, his high-school English teacher said that he was too much of a creative to waste his time on the medical field, so he enrolled at Temple University for film instead.

Beach Boys

Uncle Jesse had his own band called Jesse and the Rippers, who were huge The Beach Boys fans. In real life, John Stamos is actually a huge Beach Boys fan and is known to play the drums at some of their shows from time to time. The band also made an appearance on Full House in 1988, which uncle Jesse and John Stamos would have been excited for.

Sibling Love

Candice Cameron-Bure (DJ) is the sister of Growing Pains actor Kirk Cameron. He even met his wife, Chelsea, at the set of Full House while he was visiting his sister.

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