20 Celebrities You Never Thought Were Actually Biracial


There are a lot of celebrities out there who are actually mixed-race. Some of them might even be your favorite ones. So we prepared a list of famous stars you probably didn’t know were born to parents of different races.

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Cameron Diaz


The actress who voiced Fiona from Shrek has not only one but four races in her blood. She’s partly Celtic, German, Cuban, and English.

Jessica Szohr


The former Gossip Girl actress has a little bit of African-American blood in her, and she is also Hungarian.

Max Minghella


The brilliant actor is partly Chinese and Parsi, similar to Freddie Mercury. He is also British.

Demi Lovato


The former Disney child actress has multiple races flowing through her veins. She has links to Jewish, distant Portuguese, Native American, English heritage, Spanish, and a mix of Mexican.

Christina Aguilera


The amazing singer has a mixture of European and Ecuadorian heritage in her.

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