Meet the 5 Wealthiest Musicians in the World


You can make millions in the music industry. Just one hit song and you could be set for life. Musicians are among the richest people in the world, and here is a list of some well-known singers who earn top dollar.

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Katy Perry


Katy Perry may have started out by singing in churches, but she is now one of the top pop stars in the United States. She hit the heights of fame with the hit song “I Kissed A Girl” and now Forbes says she is has a net worth of almost $135 million dollars.

One Direction

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The UK group One Direction has won multiple awards and stole the hearts of girls all across the globe. Since appearing on the British version of The X Factor, they have gone on to earn $130 million dollars.

Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is popular all over the world. Her relatable songs have made her millions just in the few years she has been active in the music industry. She was included in a list of the most powerful women by Forbes magazine. She is worth approximately $80 million dollars.

Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake has been famous for half his life, first with the boy band NSYNC and then alone as a successful solo singer/songwriter. He has an estimated worth of $63.5 million dollars.

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga has a legion of superfans (known as her Little Monsters) and admirers. She is extraordinary as a performer and has a very distinct personality and stage presence as a singer. Her wealth is estimated to be in the region of $59 million dollars.

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