9 Celebrities Who Made a Name For Themselves Built on Their Assets


Whether we like it or not, celebrities will always be part of the culture. From their social media presence to their influence in the red carpet, let’s take a look at what the following celebrities on this list are most famous for.

Kim Kardashian’s Butt

The reality star-turned-business mogul slash mom rose to fame for her to-die-for curves. But no one can deny that it was that her behind that got us all talking in the first place.

Kate Upton’s Cleavage

When Kate Upton flaunted her 34E bust in a dance video, it had us clutching our own chest. But did you know that she wished they were smaller? Either way, there’s so much to love about this blonde bombshell.

Julia Roberts’s Smile



She’s got an Academy Award under her belt, but it’s that million-dollar smile that gets us all the time.

Cindy Crawford’s Mole

Cindy Crawford‘s mole has been a part of pop culture. The gorgeous supermodel who seems to have stopped aging has us wanting a signature beauty mark on our faces too.

Miley Cyrus’s Abs

Miley doesn’t seem to have any problem flaunting those toned abs. If we had a body like that, we’d be rocking cropped tops and sports bra every day.



Cara Delevingne’s Eyebrows

No doubt about it, she brought back the bushy brow. She’s literally got us hooked into achieving her signature look.

Jared Leto’s Hair

Jared Leto may have traded those ombré locks for the Joker’s green hair in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, but we no one can deny that ever since we laid our eyes on it, the scruffy look has never been the same.

Kylie Jenner’s Lips

The fact that Kylie Jenner‘s lips are natural used to be a debatable one. It was only recently had she admitted that fillers were actually injected to them, putting all those rumors to rest. While this may be one of the unnatural features on this list, we can’t deny that those lips can rival that of Angelina Jolie.

Christina Hendricks’s Chest

The Madmen beauty is never one to shy away from flaunting her chest. Her alabaster skin and red hair are standouts, but we all have to admit that it’s that asset that made her famous.



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