Author J. K. Rowling Reveals Her Fave Harry Potter Chapter …Why it Made Her Cry


Any Harry Potter fan can tell you that they are emotionally connected to the books and characters from the Harry Potter series. Even the author of the series, J. K. Rowling, will tell you that she was very emotionally invested in her creation. There’s been constant discussion online about the books even if it has been years since the series came to an end.


A fan asked Rowling on Twitter which was her favorite chapter in the entire Harry Potter series. She made her answer quite clear. Fans will be interested to know this bit of trivia from the Harry Potter creator.

Rowling wrote, “Definitely the passage that I found hardest to write of all of them in all seven books and the one that made me cry the most is Chapter 34 in this one. But that was . . . and that was partly because of the content and partly because it had been planned for so long and been roughed out for so long. And to write the definitive version felt like a . . . a huge climax.”



For those who are unsure, she is referring to Chapter 34 of the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In that chapter, Harry heads into the Forbidden Forest to face Voldemort.



Bringing the Potter series to an end with events that were satisfying to both the author and her fans was a very special accomplishment.


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