8 Times Bradley Cooper Made Us Scream Over His Hotness


The world rejoiced when Hollywood superstar Bradley Cooper was named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine in 2011, but that time, he was just beginning build a name in the entertainment industry. Ever since Cooper began raking in media attention by starring in critically acclaimed films like American Hustle and American Sniper, his every move has been documented by the paparazzi. So let’s meet in between by taking his iconic roles and mashing them up with the coveted title he just got—being the sexiest man alive.

Take a look at this man’s hottest moments.

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1. His Unexpected Talent

In the Late Show with David Letterman, Cooper got to showcase his comedic side by impersonating the likes of Owen Wilson, Christian Bale, and even former president Bill Clinton. Everybody knows that funny guys are this generation’s new brand of sexy. Well, if you have a face like that plus a funny bone, you’re sure to tickle anyone’s senses.

2. His Toned Body in The A Team



Audiences got a whole lot of Cooper’s ripped body in the movie The A Team. Although the movie got mixed reviews and fell short with audience expectations, there’s no denying that the screen was definitely heating up.

3. The Days of Will Trippin


People tend to forget that Cooper began his career in television opposite Jennifer Garner. In the now defunct show Alias, he plays the adorkable Will Trippin. Let’s face it, next to being funny, we all look for that smart and geeky guy who ultimately comes out sexy. But for all Alias fans looking back, who knew how far Cooper could go?

4. Any Shot of Those Baby Blues


It’s like you can stare at them forever.

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