Bruce Lee Modern-Day Doppelganger Fights Like the Kung Fu Legend


It’s a known fact that the famous action star and Kung Fu legend, Bruce Lee, is already dead. However, his existence may not have totally vanished, for there is a person that appears to be his reincarnation. Meet Abbas Alizada, also known as the Afghan Bruce Lee!

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The 20-year-old hopes to kick his way to internet fame. He has video on his Facebook page “Bruce Hazara” where he is seen striking Lee’s famous poses and performing back flips. According to the young man, he wants to display a different side to his war-torn nation. He says, “I want to be a champion in my country and a Hollywood star.”


Alizada is from a poor family of 10 children. Although his parents could not afford to pay the fees at an academy that teaches a form of Chinese mixed martial art, specifically Wushu, the trainer accepted nonetheless. At the young age of 14, he has been practicing martial arts and he also trains twice a week at Kabul’s ravaged Darulaman Palace.

Furthermore, Alizada said that he had looked up to Bruce Lee as he was growing up. He also used to dream about him as well. He says, “I used to copy Bruce Lee’s tactics by watching his films, I even learnt to use the nunchaku this way.”

Abbas-Alizada (1)

Taking a closer look, they do have an uncanny resemblance with each other and Alizada certainly has the skills to pull it off being Bruce Lee’s doppelganger. Although no one can quite replace Bruce Lee, it’s still refreshing to see that someone out there is trying to keep his memory alive. They are from different countries, but Abbas Alizada certainly looks like his idol.

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