From an Award-Winning Olympian to a Trans Woman: Caitlyn Jenner Through the Years


Even before he met The Kardashians, Bruce Jenner is already a celebrity in the world of sports as he is a successful Olympian; but these days, the once well-built man is now known as the woman named Caitlyn Jenner.

As part of her undergoing gender reassignment, the reality star has radically changed her appearance. She went under the knife many times and has tried different hair and fashion style to experiment with her image.

Our gallery here will show you how the Olympic gold medalist’s appearance has evolved since the start of her career.

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Jenner rose to fame  in 1976 when she won a gold medal in the decathlon and set a new world record at the Montreal Olympics.

She instantly became a national hero and her then good and manly looks just added to her popularity. But shortly thereafter, her appearance began to change.

During those times, it was a normal practice that if you’re a successful sportsman, a door to an acting career is open for you, and Jenner entered. She then had her nose done and had a partial face-lift in 1984.

Jenner admitted later on that the reason she underwent those operations was because at the time, she was “going through a bad time,” fresh from her second divorce.



In 1991, she tied the knot with Kris Jenner and slowly made her way into the world of glitz and glamour. Her hairstyles evolved throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

And then the family’s reality show Keeping Up with The Kardashians was launched in 2007, and Jenner continues to experiment with her image.

She went under the knife several times in 2009 to fix the previous surgery done on her face, but she didn’t let the public know about it.

The former Olympic star admitted that she was hurt by the criticisms hurled against her after the procedure.

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