15 Celebrities Who Are Real-Life Superheroes


They say anyone can be a hero, it just takes quick thinking and bravery to do so. Celebrities are no exception to that title. Just because they are put up a pedestal doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to go the extra mile and save lives.

Read below to meet some heroic celebrities.

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Heidi Klum


Heidi Klum was in Hawaii enjoying a family vacation when her son and two of the family’s nannies were swept by the riptide. It didn’t take Klum too long to spring into action. Together with her boyfriend, the supermodel rushed to bring them all to safety.

Gerard Butler


It was the year 1997, and Gerard Butler had been awarded a Royal Humane Society of Scotland after risking his own life to save a drowning boy in the river. But to this day, Butler downplays his heroic title by saying he “didn’t feel like a hero at all.”

Matthew McConaughey


Matthew McConaughey was in the middle of a screening for his movie Thirteen Conversations About One Thing during the Toronto Film Festival when a woman started suffering a seizure. McConaughey did not think twice about saving her, ignoring his own screening and rushing to give the woman mouth to mouth. Luckily, she was not hurt, and thanks to this celebrity’s quick thinking, her life was saved.

Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis saved a houseworker’s life when the man started to cough blood. She stuck a wallet on his mouth so he wouldn’t end up choking on his own tongue before the medics arrived. The man ended up okay, and a big factor of that was thanks to Kunis.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


A man on a boogie board had caught Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s attention while he was vacationing in Maui. The Terminator star proved that he was every inch the action star even when he isn’t on set by rushing to the man’s side, even if this meant swimming 200 yards to do so.

Patrick Dempsey


He may not be a licensed doctor in real life, but Patrick Dempsey has saved a person before. A teenager was behind the wheel when he seemingly lost control and crash-landed on Dempsey’s garden. Using a crow bar, the actor pulled the boy out to safety.

Jennifer Lawrence


No doubt about it, Jennifer Lawrence is really a class of her own. She was supposed to be walking the dog that day when Lawrence saw a woman collapse right in front of her home. Lawrence rushed to woman’s aid and even contacted paramedics.

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