Do You Know These 7 Facts About Bruce Lee? The Legend Lives On…


Bruce Lee was probably the most prominent martial artist/actor during his time. As a matter of fact, his movies, as well as his skills in fighting, remain to be cult classics. He was the man who made martial arts popular in films, and he opened the door to a whole new genre of films. In his honor, here are a couple of awesome things you may not know about Little Phoenix.

1. Bruce Lee began his career in martial arts with the help of a Chinese man, who was a master of Wing Chun, named Yip Man. Lee later became one of Yip’s star pupils. In his own way, Bruce Lee created jeet kune do, his very own fighting style.



2. Jeet kune is a mix of functioning elements from other martial arts practices. The technique can be used against a single or multiple adversaries through efficient and realistic methods of defense and attack.

3. Bruce Lee was also a very good motivational speaker. In fact, some of his most popular quotes are appropriate for situations that don’t necessarily deal with fighting.



4. Bruce Lee was on a totally different level as a fighter. Chuck Norris himself said that it would be Bruce who’ll win in a real-life death match.

5. This may sound crazy, but there was a scene in Enter the Dragon that they had to reshoot to avoid making it look like it’s fake. They shot the scene in slow motion because Bruce Lee’s kick was just too fast.



6. Although Bruce Lee has long passed away, his influence in martial arts is still very much alive. His influence is even more prevalent in mixed martial arts competitions like the UFC.

7. November 27 signifies the 75th birthday of the legendary Bruce Lee.

There you have it, a couple of facts you may have missed about Bruce Lee. He was certainly a game changer in martial arts, as well as in action films. It’s unfortunate that he left this world quite early, but we all know that his influence and spirit will live on because legends never die.



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