Envied by Legions of Followers …See the Real Truth Behind Social Media


Social media is a big part of the lives of nearly anyone with an internet connection. From kids to adults we all ride the social media highway to follow our fave sports heroes or celebrities.  The dark secret behind all the glitz however is all about the money.  The corporate sponsors that don’t see a person, but the dollars or paid ads to post or promote a product. It’s a very superficial business that counts on influencing the followers to go out and buy the items that the celebrity endorses.

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Essena O’Neill is one of those social media breakout stars. But she has recently quit social media because she is tired of trials and tribulations of fame and she wanted to tell the truth.

O’Neill is an 18-year-old Australian who has been on social media for the past three years, and she has quite a large following. She regularly posted selfies in bikinis and snippets of her luxurious life. She has now edited the captions on her photos to tell the truth behind each photo. By reading the captions, you will realize that she did not look as happy as she seemed.













O’Neill also posted a video talking about social media and the being a role model that young girls and women look up to. She wants her followers to go outside and really communicate one-on-one with each other. Since she was 12 years old, she was obsessed with becoming famous through social media, but now she no longer wants to be part of that world.

Her new Web site is called letsbegamechangers.com, and it is her chance to be the change that she wants done in the world. Her video has gone viral, and it gives us a new perspective on modeling and Internet fame. It will change the way you look at social media.



Watch the videos below.