Fat-Shaming Comedian Attacks Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Over ‘Sports Illustrated’ Cover


YouTube vlogger Nicole Arbour lashed out at plus-size model Ashley Graham in her “Dear Fat People 2: The Second Helping,” which is a follow-up to her viral fat-shaming video from 2015.

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This new “Dear Fat People” video is aimed at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue that featured Ashley Graham on one of its three covers.

Arbour first became controversial with the release of her first video, which was a six-minute rant claiming that fat-shaming was not real. She received so much attention and controversy that her channel was temporarily shut down. The new video is no less controversial, and you can only imagine the backlash she will receive.


Arbour did not waste any time as the video starts, she says . . .

“I have to bring it back because the world is going crazy. A chick with a dick won woman of the year . . .


“. . . Barbie had to look like she eats cheeseburgers to make feminists happy . . .


“. . . Mike Tyson is a vegan.. . .


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