22 Years Later, ‘Hocus Pocus’ Cast Sits Down to Share Facts About the Hit Movie


It’s been 23 years since the movie Hocus Pocus was released. The Halloween classic has since become a cult classic with many kids from the nineties remembering it lovingly from their childhood. The cast of the show was interviewed two decades after first making the movie.

Get to know more about the movie from the Hocus Pocus cast members Thora Birch, Vinessa Shaw, Sean Murray, Omri Katz, and the rest.

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Here are five things the movie’s stars told us:

The Cast Members Were Really Close

Shaw, who is now 39-years-old, said she was close with Birch and Katz. They “loved each other.” They would sing songs and just be children running wild on the Disney lot.

No to Binx

Birch, now 33, was not too keen on filming with the cat. The main difference between her character Dani and her real life was that she had a major issue whenever she had to work with the cats, either live or animatronic.

SJP Was Cool Even Back Then

Shaw was a teen model back then and had appeared on the cover of Seventeen magazine. Sarah Jessica Parker, way before Sex and the City, gave her some pretty good advice. SJP asked her if she loved being an actress because “It’s a wonderful job if you love it.” She was a great mentor for young Vinessa Shaw.

Hocus Pocus Fans

The whole cast is stunned that the fans of the movie have lasted so long. They have talked of fans bringing VHS tapes to be signed during their reunion at the Disney Studios in Burbank, California. It’s really touching to have someone in their mid-twenties tell the cast that they loved their work since they were a child.

Fun in the Studio

The iconic movie was filmed on the same studio lot at the Tim Allen show Home Improvement. The kids working on Hocus Pocus and the TV show would play together and have a great time at work.

Sean Murray, who played Thackery Binx, says his daughter Caitlyn has not seen the movie yet. He is hoping to show the eight-year-old the movie for the first time.

Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy teased their followers on Twitter that there might be a sequel in the works, but Sarah Jessica Parker has shut down the rumors, saying that there hasn’t been any news about making a sequel.

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