How Much Kim Kardashian Makes in 1 Day Is More Than What Most People Do in 10 Years


No matter what you think of them, you must admit, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are one of the world’s biggest celebrity couples. When you think about how much they earn, you can only imagine that it is a sky-high number. Thankfully, for those who are curious, Kim has been tweeting about how much she takes home every year, and it is an jaw-dropping amount.

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You will be shocked, jealous, maybe even a little bit angry when you see what sort of figure we are talking about. In her gloating tweet, Kim revealed how much more well off she is than the average girl.


When Kim talked about her earnings, she was referring specifically to her game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. In the game, players aim to increase their reputation by gaining fans so they can become an A-list celebrity. You gain fans by getting modelling jobs, acting jobs, club appearances, and going on dates. The game is free to play, but there are in-app purchases. Since she has revealed how much money she makes on the game, let’s see how it breaks down monthly. While we look at these figures, let’s keep in mind, she did not actually create the game herself, but it’s mind-blowing what she’s getting for it.

$6,666,666 a month


$1,666,666 a week


$238,095 a day


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