Imagine Being Tracked Down By Millions of ‘Beliebers’ …Shocking!


If you happen to be a celebrity as big as Justin Bieber, chances are, everything you do becomes a social media firestorm. His loyal fan base collectively known as Beliebers were in for a shock when Bieber posted a photo of a beautiful brunette who wasn’t his famous ex Selena Gomez.


Bieber asked his followers who this girl was, and with the skills of a hundred bloodhounds, they actually tracked her down. The beautiful brunette is like a mix of Angelina Jolie, Irina Shayk, and Adriana Lima. Her name is Cindy Kimberly, and she is actually from Spain.

Red carpet just for me

A photo posted by Cindy Kimberly (@wolfiecindy) on

Cindy already had quite the number of followers online, but she now has peaked at around 300,000 followers on her Instagram account. But the attention seems to be quite overwhelming on her part. She had this to say in a caption to a blank image she posted,

I so do not know how to deal with this, but I only have Instagram and Tumblr, so whatever other stuff people are finding is fake (I did use to have a Twitter account, but I deactivated).”


  A photo posted by Cindy Kimberly (@wolfiecindy) on

Bieber’s fans, while known for their loyalty, are also fiercely protective. We may not know much about Cindy for now, but something tells us she’d rather keep it that way. Numerous people have commented on her pictures praising her for her beauty while some jealous fans let blind rage get the best of them.


A photo posted by Cindy Kimberly (@wolfiecindy) on

There is no word, however, if this was the reason she closed her Twitter account, or if Bieber has personally asked her out on a date. But one thing is for sure, we can’t blame the Canadian pop superstar for calling her out. Her beauty can be quite alluring.



I really don’t remember why nor when I deleted this pic?? Sorry for all the reposting lmao A photo posted by Cindy Kimberly (@wolfiecindy) on

But for the sake of Bieber’s future Instagram crushes who might not want all these attention, maybe he can be a little more subtle next time.



A photo posted by Cindy Kimberly (@wolfiecindy) on



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