Once Rejected for the Size of Her Hips, Young Model Becomes the Face of Famous Lingerie Brand


Iskra Lawrence was interviewed a few months back, and she left the reports acting like awkward teenagers who did not know how to communicate with a woman.

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Iskra Lawrence

They were, however, able to get her view on the industry term plus-size, which is a label that has been given to Iskra Lawrence.

She says, “Because I represent women, by calling me plus-size you call 60 to 70 percent of women plus size and they don’t want to be labelled like that.”

Iskra thinks the label plus-size is too broad and it is condescending to women who are normal size. The fashion industry has long been known to have an unrealistic beauty standards. It’s those standards that led to Iskra being rejected my a modeling agent because her “hips were too big.”

The good thing is that the unrealistic standards of the modeling world seem to be changing. Iskra has just been made the brand ambassador of Aerie, a lingerie line of global fashion brand American Eagle. Enjoy Iskra’s posts to celebrate the appointment.

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