Lesson To Be Learned From Journalist Implying Sexual Harassment Is OK


The cute Korean pop group EXID had a successful comeback on Show Champion. The successful group of singers debuted their edgy and sexy new look for their song “Hot Pink.”



Their comeback attracted a lot of attention, but one photo and caption by a reporter garnered even more attention from the fans. The reporter’s comment was made in bad taste and received a lot of criticism.



The photo was of EXID group member Hani, and she was shown in the photo singing with male backup dancers touching her in different parts of her body. The reporter captioned it saying that her sexiness was to blame for the touching.

EXID's "Hot Pink" MV / Yedang Entertainment



The fans and other netizens have criticized the caption, saying that it encourages sexual harassment.

Koreaboo has compiled reactions from fans who commented on the original article:

[+250, -69] Today’s stage was so crazy. Solji’s voice is always so powerful.^^

[+219, 78] I really like Hani!

[+159, -56] Here’s the music video to the title track “Hot Pink” (//www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NaeaLW8CLY)

[+32, -2] 댓I guess I’m not the only one that was bothered by the title. The idea that a good body calls sexual harassment is so ridiculous and offensive. It’s rude to the dancers and performers as well. Reporters need to act like professionals.

[+29, -4] What a title I would sue this reporter if I were Hani.

[+28, -4] These titled and the way men portray women I feel are very condescending. They objectify women . . . and imply rape/sexual harassment are partly the fault of women. Please think before posting these titles.


Watch the videos below.

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